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Here we feature 11 bands and 16 of their songs in the years 2000 through 2010.

Derek Oberman, BluesBirdHead, Natural Selection, Billy Cross Band, Nick Trill, Gary Hurst Band, Cleavagents, Marc Shulman Blues Band, Moses and the SmartBand, Jay-z and Beyonce, John Leventhal


Derek Oberman

  • Derek Oberman


  • Sol Schepps

  • Eric Haight

  • Gary Schwartz

  • Rich Kelly

  • Jerry Scaring

Billy Cross Band

  • Billy Cross

  • Mik Schack

  • Flemming Ostermann

Gary Hurst Band

  • Gary Hurst

  • Jeff Hurst

  • Vinny Van Buaen


  • Doug Guttenberg

  • Harris Karlin

  • Kota Murakami

  • Jesse Misarti

Marc Shulman Blues Band

  • Marc Shulman

  • Bob Elliott

  • Ted Spencer

  • Andy Kreeger

Moses and the SmartBand

  • John Moses

  • Marc Shulman

  • Jill Stevenson

  • Rebecca Havelland

  • Joe Roesch

  • Doug Lees

  • Joe Bonadino

Deborah Frost Band

  • Deborah Frost

  • Albert Bouchard

  • Ross the Boss

  • David Hirschberg

The Camelots 1962

Also see Deborah Frost in ‘1990s’

John Leventhal

John Leventhal is a Grammy Award-winning musician, producer, songwriter, and recording engineer. As a songwriter he has had over 100 songs recorded by various artists. Albums he has produced have been nominated for a total of 11 Grammy Awards.

Leventhal lives with his wife Rosanne Cash and their children in NYC.

The Camelots 1962

"Gansevoort", live The Canal Room in NYC Apr 7, 2010

by John Leventhal

Jay-z and Beyonce

Jay-z and Beyonce tied the knot on a Manhattan rooftop, but now that they’re hitched, they may be headed for the ‘burbs.

The first couple of hip-hop (may have purchased) an enormous McMansion on one of the ritziest blocks in Scarsdale, an expansive colonial style house of about 15,000 square feet, on approximately 2 acres of land.