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An anthology:

The history of Rock Music from the Village of Scarsdale NY as performed by local artists.

Forget about the stereotypes. These were the types glued to their stereos. In a town where money talked, some hated that they loved it, some just plain hated it.

Scarsdale in the late ’50s and into the ’60s and ’70s was a hard place to rock. It was like living on a movie set; part Frank Capra, part David Lynch.

Is it any wonder that young dynamic rock and roll bands, steeped in irony and anti-establishment sentiment long before anyone ever heard of the words post-modern or angst, grew out of the ambiguities of ostentatious wealth on one hand and other-side-of-the-tracks morass on the other “Scarsdale Rocks” peels back some of the half-forgotten pages of history in the New York burbs for a view into the rec rooms, basements and garage band incubators that was mid-20th century youth culture in the eastern U.S.

In a land of crazed week-end parties in the empty homes of the ruling class, this was the score. Whether you were there or not, whether you’re 60 or 16, the sounds of the time will resonate.

The audio files on “Scarsdale Rocks” slingshot ageless rebellion and periodic renaissance into the present. This was pre-indy indy. Some of it, the work of people your mother warned you about. Tune-in. Drop-out. Scarsdale Rocks……really!

-Don Ogden